acrylic, oil on canvas
170×143 cm, 2021

In my works I ask myself how important it is for me to maintain the identity of the bearer of that time and culture, the era I belong to, how to strike a balance between sensuality and crude irony, a sense of nostalgia and a pragmatically planned future setting?

I observe that visual memory for me is one of the most powerful postulates of my being.

In my works I turn more and more to the topic of memory. Childhood memories and personal experiences are fundamental markers of my visual discourse. Observations – as the foundation recreated on canvas embodied in a narrative.

 I practice materials that I used in childhood, based on water.

It’s important for me to immerse the viewer in a special atmosphere, to evoke a sincere feeling of the experience, to point to certain markers of the era, accompanied by a sense of nostalgia and melancholy.

Consciousness constantly encourages us to reflect on the theme of the beauty and the ugliness, human complexes, relationships and experiences, my characters are not always concretized, they are imaginative, leaving a field for reflection, compassion, sympathy and sometimes even joy. They are endowed with hypertrophied traits, they are grotesque, they are characterized by phantasmagoria, hyperbole.

   The feeling of incompleteness, sometimes even frivolity, understatedness of the work gives me a sense of freedom.